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"Absolutely fantastic"


"We loved it!"


"Wonderful job on our wedding video!"


"It was great!"


"We couldn't be happier!"


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Photos are compressed still frames taken 
from our crystal clear videos


Actual quotes from some of our customers:


"We received the lovely videos and had a ball watching them this weekend with my parents! The videography is absolutely fantastic and we thank both you and Nancy for your outstanding work! ...Clearly, you've captured the essence of both events in the wedding tape. ... You've brought the joy of the multi-day event back into our lives! "


"...We loved it! It was so good! We absolutely loved it!"


"Wonderful job on our wedding video! The video was impressive inside the church, and the opening and segues were done nicely...Thanks, again, and job well done!"


"Ben & I just finished watching our wedding DVD yesterday. It was great!! We loved it. Just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the skill you and your wife have to produce something so wonderful. I gave your name and email address to a friend of mine from work who's son in getting married, so you may hear from her soon. Thanks so much. "


"Just wanted to let you know that Kate and I watched the video the other night and we are thoroughly pleased. Everything looks great: the interactive menus, the music - just everything – turned out really great. You guys did a great job with the final edit putting everything together ... we couldn’t be happier!"


Email us today for a FREE wedding video DVD!


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