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Corporate Services


We offer a variety of services for our corporate customers including:

  • Instructional/Training Videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Corporate meetings/conferences/seminars
  • Video for the Web
  • Advertisements
  • Legal Depositions

We blend your ideas and knowledge of your business with our own business and video production expertise. We will guide you through each phase of the production process from planning, to production, to post-production.

All videos are shot and produced in digital formats providing superior video quality and convertibility to other digital and analog formats. For your convenience, videos can be transferred to a variety of formats including, DVCAM, DV,  DVD, S-VHS and VHS. 

Crystal Clear Videos for Crystal Clear Communication

Crystalux Video Productions


Crystalux Video Productions  P.O. Box 541071 Cincinnati, OH 45254 (513)752-5079

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